Jonathon Malcolm Odyesseus Carruthers is a former newspaper journalist for The Oracle. Carruthers was selected as the government approved journalist to be part of the first Openness Agenda project, namely being the public eye on the Alpha Azure enquiry with Government Inspector Frank Searle. He is currently in hiding, his whereabouts unknown.

Background & Early LifeEdit

Carruthers was born 14th October 1988 in Peterborough, England.

At the age of 12, his father, a television journalist for BBC, committed suicide by hanging in the family home.

He graduated after studying Investigative Journalism at City University in London in June 2009. In 2010, he was given an understudy role at The Oracle Newspaper, based in London. By 2014, he had earned a place as the chief writer for the Political/International Affairs section of the paper, despite being only 26.

The OracleEdit

Carruthers, a highly rated young prospect, excelled at talking his way into advantageous positions as well as a flair for creative prose which earned him much credit despite his young age.

In 2015, he started an affair with his editor, the 41 year old Nichola Keenan.

He gained much acclaim during the same year for his piece, "Another Gold Rush: Oil in the early 21st Century". Despite many criticising him on a personal level, the work itself was seen as a brave and daring work that fully respected it's sources.

In earlt 2016, The Oracle became Great Britain's best selling newspaper.

The Alpha Azure EnquiryEdit