Frank Hibbert Troy Searle was a former British Army Officer and later a specialised investigator for the MoD. After a 28 year career in the military, he was transferred to the MoD, which he contested. In 2016, he was tasked with leading the Alpha Azure enquiry.

Early Life & BackgroundEdit

Searle was born 11th November 1958, in Bolton, England. He came from a military family; his father, Roger Searle, fought in the Second World War and the Korean War before substaining an injury.

He graduated from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1980, and two years later served in the Falklands War as a Second-Lieutenant.

Over the next 28 years, he served in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanisatan and Iraq.

Military CareerEdit

The Basra IncidentEdit

In Iraq, by which point he was a full Colonel, Searle was given intel by a British Intelligence Agent, Martin Wainwright, that confirmed the presence of an insurgency cell operation in a household in Basra. Acting on this intelligence, Searle ordered a strike on the property. As a result, eleven Iraqi civilians, including seven women and three children, were killed. Following the incident, the MoD covered up the incident by claiming the stike was successful, and Searle was given a month's compassionate leave. Searle promptly tracked down Wainwright and inflected grievous bodily harm on him before being restrained.

Two days later, Searle was given indefinite leave. He returned to Great Britain, where he suffered extreme post-traumatic stress disorder.

Transfer to MoDEdit

Following six months of leave, Searle was offically transferred from his position to a MoD Military Advisory Role. He contested this transfer, but was told his alternative was to suffer a dishonourable discharge for assaulting a member of Her Majesty's Service. He chose the former, and was given a position as advisor.

After impressing many with his work, he was often given the role of consultant to MoD investigations, where his profiling resulted in the capture of Georgias Bonefetti in 2011. As a result of this, he was given his own enquiry into the deaths of two British servicemen in Turkey in 2013. He successfuly routed the cause to a rogue Al Queda element, and gained much acclaim for his investigative work as well as his military knowledge.

Alpha Azure EnquiryEdit